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Charter Banquet photos

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Head table side1 has Monya Lane, Region A Deputy Director; gentleman; Meredith Ross; Jill Baylor,  National President and Mabel Esteves, SWE-SFS Charter President who  addressing the audience. Head table side2 starts with Jill Baylor; Mabel; Rona Prufer (then Region I Director; CA Politico; Virginia Squire, Past Region Director and Margie Evashenk (Margie is now a Section Lab Manager in Agilent.)
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Full view of head table Jill as our KeyNote Speaker
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Jill Baylor presents Mabel the section charter.

The official Photo
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Debbie Rees presenting Jill with the Speaker's plaque. Back roll: National President, Jill Baylor, Sue Rebok Diehl, Paul Bulter, Mabel Esteves (with Plaque), Sabrina Aguilar Murphy, Margie Evashenk, Quyuh Nguyen, Joanna Palusinska and Region Director,  Meredith Ross.  Seated in front: Andrea Lantz, Debbie Rees, Debbie Clingingsmith and Beata Olesneswicz
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Charter members posing with the chartering cake. Jill Baylor doing the honors of cutting the chartering cake complete with our section logo.  In the background: Joanna ,Beata, Sue, Margie and Sabrina
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Charter Cake Our Keynote Speaker, then SWE National President Jill Baylor (now Teijen) with our Charter President Mabel Esteves and then Region Director Meredith Ross.
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CA Senator  addresses the group with Mabel, Rona, Quyuh and Virginia Squire looking on. Rona Prufer (Region I Director)   enjoying the Buffet line along with CA Politico and Gus O'Donnell an HP representative.
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Charter member Judy Smith (left) with her Sweet Adeline group which provided the entertainment of the evening. A wonderful group of SWE students members who joined us for the happy ocasion!

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