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Where are our Charter Members now?

To all those trailblazers that helped established the most friendly and dynamic section of Folsom & Placer counties. THANK YOU for your energy and enthusiasm and endless faith in our mission.  We could not be where we are without you.

Mabel_Then2.jpg (17587 bytes)Then

Mabel R. Esteves Velázquez

mabel3.jpg (155156 bytes)Now

Mabel was our Charter President.  She was a  Reliability Engineer with Hewlett-Packard's (HP) RND.  She is presently the Region's  Gatekeeper/WebMistress and Deputy Director  as well as the Section's Representative, Historian, WebMistress and Communications Chairperson.  Mabel is a SWE fellow and a life member. Mabel has more than 25 years of membership and was selected DSA this year. She is also a member of the National Electronic Communications Committee and the National Multi-Cultural Committee (their WebMistress) .   She now works with HP's BCC-SMR as their internal audit program manager & Quality WebMistress.
DebbieC_Then.jpg (3561 bytes)Then

Debbie Clingingsmith

debbie.jpg (50904 bytes)Now

Debbie was part of our Chartering Committee and was one of our Co-Secretaries. She was also our first Newsletter Editor and Publicity Chairperson. She worked as a materials engineer in HP's NCMO.  She is currently the Region Director and also serves as the Section's  Treasurer. Debbie is a life member. She now  works as a Software Engineer for HP's HPSO.
Patricia (Trish) Brandt-Robuck

Trish_Now.jpg (37541 bytes)Now

Trish, like Mabel, is a long time SWE member. Trish was our Career Guidance chairperson. She worked as an environmental engineer for the Dept of Energy at the time of our charter. She continues to be our most popular speaker. She is presently our Tenth Anniversary Co-chair. She is now self-employed.
Sue2_Then.jpg (17634 bytes)Sue Connerley (now Rebok Diehl) Sue was part of our chartering committee. Sue was our charter Section Representative. Sue is a life member of SWE.  Sue has retired happily to Texas.
DebbieR_Then.jpg (13925 bytes)Debbie Rees Debbie continues with the Section.  Debbie is a new project manager at HP.
Sabrina_Then.jpg (4925 bytes)Sabrina Aguilar Murphy Another member of the chartering committee, Sabrina was our charter Treasurer and continues active with the section. She is currently the Scholarship Chairperson. She is now the HP's Roseville Site Technical Training Manager.
Linda_Then.jpg (15263 bytes)Linda Appelt Linda continues to support all the Section programs.
Judy_Then.jpg (8625 bytes)Then

Judy Smith

Nowjudy_now.jpg (45478 bytes)

Judy Smith also a member of the chartering committee and she was the other Section Co-Secretary. Judy had a group of Sweet Adeline singers. Check out the Chartering Banquet photos to see them in action.  She writes: "..
  • 1992-1995 Software development engineer on the simulation team for the Tachyon Fibre Channel chip.
  • 1995-2000 Learning products engineer, ESBU. Wrote manuals and training; delivered training; performed usability studies; software support engineer
  • 2000-? I am moving back into the SSMO lab as a software systems test engineer. I will be moving to my new job 3/20/00.

Personal info: My son Erik is 9 years old now. He shows signs of   becoming an architect a or mechanical engineer -- he loves to play with Legos! My husband Kevin and I have been married for 25 years this year, and we are planning an anniversary cruise to celebrate in October. In my spare time I teach Bible studies and leadership classes and sing in the choir at Adventure Christian Church. My long-term goal (the Lord willing) is to retire in ../at the age of 55 ... and work for my church...Judy Smith"

margie2.jpg (17419 bytes)Margie Evashenk Margie was one of the Fund Raising Co-chairs. She was a materials engineer in HP's NCMO. No longer active in SWE, she does support our Section activities as one of Agilents' Lab Section Managers. She writes: "... I manage a small lab of about 55 people, working on Tachyon Fibre Channel protocol chips, software, and testing. (I was recently promoted to functional manager of this lab, which is called Roseville Tachyon Lab, part of SAN Products Operation, which is part of Integrated Circuits Business Division, which is part of Semiconductor Products Group). Tachyon Fibre Channel protocol IC's are #1 in volumes and revenues in the Fibre Channel embedded storage market. We also have significant market share in the host-attach area. As you've probably noticed in recent press releases, Agilent is moving forward toward positioning itself as a communications company. Our lab in Roseville is at ground-zero of this communications market strategy, which I find very exciting....Thanks, Margie 
Andrea_Then.jpg (11271 bytes)Then

Andrea Lantzandrea.gif (14191 bytes)Now

Andrea has moved to the East Coast. She now works at HP's Richmond division. She writes: .." I am now the customization program manager for all the inkjet cartridges which are sold in North and South America. I primarily manage promotional packaging for resellers like Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Wal*Mart, and Target ... Andrea"
Beata_Then2.jpg (18043 bytes)Beata Olesniewicz Beata is now with HP's Verifone.
Joanna_Then2.jpg (9676 bytes)Joanna Palusinska (now Ashwill) Joanna was the Professional Development Chairperson. 
quyuh2.jpg (10288 bytes)Quyuh Nguyen Quyuh was the other Fund Raising Co-chair. She and Margie were the dynamic duo that started all our fund raising activities. They sold raffle tickets during the Chartering Event.
karind.jpg (4830 bytes)Karin Doyle Karin writes: "...Your web page looks nice. I’m glad SWE is doing so well these days. It was nice to see my name up there with some of the women I remember from way back when. ...I’m currently working at PPMD. (Building R4, pole E10) Feel free to come and say hello. ...  I enjoyed doing the programs with SWE and CLYMESS. ..."
Lori Ikeda Lori transferred to HP's Vancouver Division where she is a project manager. Her group consists of VCD's Packaging Engineering and Postponement Procurement teams. HQ says that she is member of the Columbia River section.
Helen Fong HQ says: "... Helen Fong is still a SWE member. She now belongs to the Columbia River Section, J002. "
Paul ButlerPaul_Then.jpg (8259 bytes) Paul was a trailblazer when he joined our organization. He believed our mission was an important one.
Marlu Allan Marlu left HP (where she was a Lab manager) for her own consulting firm but has accepted a VP position for a Seattle firm.
Rita MacDonald Rita was the Section Vice-President. She used to work with Avantek. She has her own consulting firm.
Pat Thaler Pat had been particularly active in IEEE standards work. She is now with Agilent Technologies.
Mary Hewitt
Janet Kirkman
Barbara Vislocky Barbara used to work in Avantek.

Revised 04/13/01

Visitors since February 29, 2000...

Mabel Esteves, SWE-SFS Historian started project of tracking charter members.  So continue to check at least twice a month to find who she was able to track down this time and a bit of their personal story. She hopes to find all in time for the Tenth Anniversary next year!