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Historical Overview (Revised 3/5/2000)

During the 1990 National Convention (where Mabel Esteves* was a replacement representative for the Sacramento Valley Section), the Region A Director at the time, Carolyn Campbell suggested that Mabel work in establishing a new section in the Roseville & Placer County area.   Mabel did an interest survey in HP Roseville and 16 female engineers immediately answered as interested in a new section.

With Carolyn's blessing, Mabel established a Chartering Committee of  six members: Debbie Clingingsmith, Sabrina Aguilar Murphy, Sue Connerley (now Rebok Diehl), Judy Smith, Joanna Palusinska (now Ashwill) and herself. All recruited by Mabel into SWE. All assumed leadership roles when the section was chartered.

The chartering committee distributed the tasks and began distributing press releases and a first newsletter calling for a informational meeting. Debbie Clingingsmith was our first newsletter editor and publicity chair.

The Oct 9, 1990 informational meeting at the Roseville Junction Restaurant (now defunct) attracted more than 20 participants. The interest was high so we proceeded with the Organizational meeting held November 15, 1990 again  at the Roseville Junction Restaurant.

The organizational meeting selected the new officers. A contest for section name and logo was launched. The winning section name was submitted by Sue Connerley and the concept for the section logo was submitted by Andrea Lantz. Mabel created the logo in ink.

Our next event was in December when we celebrated our first Holiday Social at Trish Brandt-Robuck's beautiful home high in the hills of Newcastle. We also started the first white elephant exchange which was to become a tradition favorite for SWE-SFS members.

The final chartering request packet was submitted for the Feb 1991 BOD meeting. The charter for the section was approved in the May 11, 1991 BOD meeting.

The Region provided $300 of seed money to get the new section going. The section paid back within two years. The chartering celebration was done in November 1991 at the Maidu  Community Center with many SWE members from our sister sections,  the community and our universities.  A great number of students attended the event. (I selected a wonderful group photo ofthe students so check out our Chartering Banquet page.)   The Chartering event was sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, Caltrans and the State Water Resources Board.

The Region Director Meredith Ross was present. We were excited since our Keynote Speaker for the event was our National President, Jill Baylor (now Teijen). I have selected some 30 photos from our collection.  Please refer to the Charter Banquet page.

We also started that week our Scholarship fund with a $100 check from the SWE Santa Clara Section. We learned that they have accostumed to fund new sections with a $100 to jump start their scholarship fund. Grand gesture.  Our section has also adopted this policy although we let the new section decide how to use it.

One of the first section projects  was the Bulletin Board database which was developed and implemented in 1991 by Debbie Clingingsmith. This project won the first SWE HP Innovation award ($1000). 

Another wonderful project was our Career Guidance's Engineering Awareness Program (EAP) for high school girls which was developed and implemented in 1992 by Sabrina Aguilar Murphy.  This program was to win for the section our second SWE HP Innovation Award! This program will continue to grow and change as needs be and continues to claim awards for the section (refer to section award page).

[In the year 2000, our EAP event would separate into two events: one for High Schools girls and one for Jr High School girls.]


More input from Debbie Clingingsmith, our Archivist

Hi! I have the newsletters from the archive (I was our first newsletter editor.) I'll be using some of the info to introduce Jill tomorrow. Debbie

Here's the info on dates: Our Vol. 1 #1 newsletter is dated Sept. 1990. It advertises our first meeting on Tuesday, 10/9/1990 at Roseville Junction Restaurant (which were converted train cars) starting at 6:30 PM.

The next newsletter, Vol. 1 #2 dated Oct. 1990 starts with:

Call for Organization by Mabel Esteves, Chartering Committee Chairperson

This is it! The Organizational meeting will be November 15, 1990 at the Roseville Junction Restaurant starting at 6:30 PM.

The December issue, Vol. 1 #3 has the first "Letter from La Presidenta", Mabel. It also talks about our Christmas meeting and contacting Trish Brandt-Robuck to RSVP. The Christmas meeting was 12/11/90 at 7:00 PM -- with a White Elephant Gift Exchange.

The Vol. 2 #6 June 1991 Issue talks about our chartering:

"Letter from La Presidenta by Mabel Esteves

Hola! Hola! Hola! I have TONS of wonderful news for you! We are CHARTERED! We have 33 members in our new section. We will receive the charter at the San Diego Convention, plus we will be planning a full Blaze celebration!"

Vol. 2 #10 in November 1991 has the announcement of our party:

"Gala Celebration Chartering Party! Saturday, November 16, 1991 Keynote Speaker: Jill Baylor, SWE National President Place: Maidu Community Center, Roseville Time: No Host Bar at 7:00 PM Dinner starts at 7:30 PM Dress: Semi-Formal For Reservations: Contact Debbie Rees at 785-8069"

Vol. 2 #11 in December 1991 has the article about the party:

"November Chartering Event . . . A Success! by Mabel Esteves

The Chartering Celebration and Fund Raiser was a MARVELOUS success. We will remember for a long time in our short life. Let me tell you about it! We reserved two meeting rooms at the Maidu Community Center since we were targetingg 40-60 people in attendance. We had the guests sign a special guest book for the event. Jill Bayler (our National President) and I were at the door greeting our guests.

At the head table we had the following guests:

Jill Baylor, National President and Keynote Speaker
Meredith Ross, our Regional Director
Rona Prufer, Region I Director (Rocky Mountain)
Monya Layne, our Deputy Director
Karen Toth, Golden Gate Section President
Virginia Squire Sacrament Valley Section President
B. T. Collins, California Assembyman
Dudley Holman, Woodland Mayor
Margie Evashenk, our Section Representative
and Mabel Esteves, uh, that's me."


*Mabel R. Esteves Velázquez arrived in Hewlett-Packard Roseville in September 1988 and transferred her SWE membership to the Sacramento Valley Section. Mabel had been a chartering member for both the Puerto Rico's student and member sections. Mabel had also just finished hosting the 1988 National Student Conference during the June 1988  National Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 1989, she and Judy Smith organized a SWE event in Hewlett-Packard with SWE Fellow Jane Evans as featured speaker that attracted 48 female engineers to the event.